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Arbeit OSS (Operational Support Systems)

We provide a plethora of services with due focus on Operation Support Systems (OSS) too which include the following:

  • Capacity management for the network (resource and network inventory management)
  • Service delivery (order management &amp end-to-end provisioning)
  • Proactive monitoring of the various network layers in relation to incident reports (fault, performance, and service quality management)
  • Collection, distribution, and usage data (mediation)
  • Workforce orchestration for installation and repair activities (workforce management)
    • Congestion Management & Network Upgrades
    • The goal of costly network upgrades lies in providing a better service for end customers. When solving network congestion problems, beside pure technical parameters, customer perception of network performance is a critical factor that should be measured and considered. The process requires a high level of network management automation, which is needed to implement a strategy of agile network development basing on customer demand and to limit the costs of infrastructure transformations.
    • Service Quality Management & Assurance
    • Service quality cannot be based solely on technical KPIs, but must look at the network through the eyes of the customers. Therefore, it is essential that service providers can easily correlate various technical parameters with their influence on customer experience. This way, CSPs will be able to introduce pro-active network management and limit the number of customer complaints. The essence of this approach is in switching from network-centric fault management and performance management systems towards customer-centric service assurance and service quality management systems.
    • Service Fulfilment
    • Customers expect their services to be introduced quickly, be innovative and exciting. The OSS system should be a platform that boosts service innovation, through leveraging product and service catalog-driven fulfillment processes. The strategy of service innovation also requires redefining the CSP’s positioning against OTT companies. This requires modifying the OSS into a platform that enables telecom operators to compete / collaborate with these significant market players.

Arbeit can play a major role in this changing operator requirements by providing holistic solutions, such as:

  • Identify gaps in existing OSS portfolio with respect to functional coverage
  • Identify opportunities for existing OSS exploitation
  • Create “As-Is” OSS picture vis-à-vis “future” proactive OSS
  • Create strategy & roadmap to achieve target architecture
  • Implement roadmap phase-wise and then operate to its full capacity

What More???

  • BPM(S) and integration solutions like WebSphere Fabric, Cordys, WebLogic, Tibco, and WebMethods
  • Network Inventory applications such as Netcracker, Amdocs-Cramer and NetAdmin
  • OSS solutions such as Comptel, TTI Netrac, Comarch, Amdocs, AxiOSS, Oracle OSM, Oracle Communications ASAP (MetaSolv), Huawei OSS, NetNumber, NetCool and ZSmart
  • Service Assurance applications like BMC Remedy ARS
  • Number Portability solutions from PortingXs and Logica TPress/MPress

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